Industrial Pump Repair


We offer an exceptional range of onsite repair capabilities for a shop our size — with seven lathes, two milling machines, and a 4-inch boring mill. Your pump or part will be refurbished to like-new condition equal to or better than a new part — and indistinguishable from one.

As trade-trained welders, we offer substantial welding capabilities including:

  • Cast Iron
  • Stainless
  • Duplex Stainless
  • Certified Titanium Processes
  • Custom-Design Fabricated Steel & Stainless, drawn in 3D for advance  customer approval

We re-manufacture parts to exact OEM specs. We do repairs the OEMs won’t do, for savings as much as half the original part price. Our cost-effective products and services extend maintenance intervals as well.

Compare a machine shop that rebuilds your pump with our bare-metal process, which provides a contamination-free rebuild that allows our engineers to restore your old equipment to like-new tolerances.

Our repairs are much more than just an “oil change” — there is no leftover dirt. We deliver a completely clean, fully assembled pump without degradation of the surface due to sandblasting. What sets us apart from typical repair shops is the extra step we take after stripping your pump. To ensure a brand-new appearance, we send it out for final finishing.


For industrial users, Rueck’s onsite machine shop can provide complete pump rebuilds for best cost of ownership:

  • Why buy a brand-new pump when we can restore your current one to the manufacturer’s original specs?
  • Save up to half the cost of the OEM’s replacement pump.
  • Why pay the OEM full retail for a new pump when your old one still has good years left?